Waytoplay is 100% child-safe and lasts a lifetime. Made in The Netherlands, from the highest grade flexible material. A product that has passed testing to the most stringent norms.

Durability and Quality assured

Our roads are made to last a lifetime. Practically indestructible, even for children! Waytoplay will serve as a trusty companion to your child’s adventuring and imagination and travel along through the various stages of childhood. Compliant to the highest Toy Test Norms in Europe, USA, Japan and China (EN71, Reach and CCC).

Safe & Tested

Our flexible material is sourced in Germany:
✔ BPA Free
✔ Cadmium Free
✔ PAH Free
✔ Lead Free
✔ Phthalates Free
✔ Safe for those with silicon allergies

Waterproof and washable 

Flexible and ready for anything, your child can build with waytoplay on hard floors, up windows and bathtubs, and over hills. Each road segment bends with your child’s ideas as they come up with new surfaces on which to explore and invent new ways to play. Risk-taking and problem-solving skills are built as your child steps out of the box onto an open highway of flexible possibilities.

Aways ready to bend to the creativity of children’s minds.

The future will be greener - The future is bright and our sights are set on ‘NEW Routes'.

A challenge that will take us to new, exciting places - We intend to start producing our road segments from bio-based materials and we have the ambition to go circular by recycling materials. Our ‘tiny fans’ are our future, our motivation for choosing the sustainable route - something we believe in with all our hearts. As long as kids play on the floor, creating adventures and connections with our road segments, that is ‘our waytoplay’.