A modern twist on a classic childhood favorite. Unleash the joy of playing with toy cars.

Waytoplay Toys X Red Racer Books

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort
Premium Race Bundle

Experience the F1 Magic at home with the ultimate racing bundle of Red Racerbooks and Waytoplay Toys.

Imagine Create Play

Stimulate the senses and creative skills. Waytoplay is a perfect match for all kinds of toys. Simply unplug, imagine, make your own rules and create a world of fun. 

Family run, social enterprise

As a family business, we aim for a positive impact, both locally and globally. That’s why waytoplay is made in Europe and finished in a sheltered employment workplace. And, that’s not all. We are always looking for new ways to create positive value for our society, in any way we can. At waytoplay, we care.

Combine all your toys

A child’s rich creativity and imagination is stimulated most by ‘open ended’ toys. Toys without set goals or targets, no keeping score, complex rules or tallying of points. Simply there to be discovered, enjoyed and played with. Combining toys makes those possibilities endless.