Educational benefits

Waytoplay toy roads spark the imagination, allow world building, finding combinations and
learning through play. Waytoplay stimulates fine motor skills, spatial understanding and making
your own designs.

Waytoplay is used by school and childcare professionals such as speech and language,
psychomotor, and occupational therapists. Both indoors and outside.

Play + Emotion = stimulation

This magic formula is the founding philosophy waytoplay. The unlimited Eductational building set.

Holistic approach

• fine motor skills
• imagination
• creativity
• perseverance
• spatial intelligence

Special offer for professionals

We offer two custom packs for day care, school or practice.

Shapes & Letters

Discover 1001 ways to play and learn!
Waytoplay offers shapes, letters and numbers for interesting and infinitely varied activities.
Tailor your waytoplay exercises and games to the child’s needs of level of ability.