Waytoplay's Team  

Sybren Jelles

Founder and idea generator

As a child, inventor and designer Sybren Jelles loved playing with toy cars. He created waytoplay for his son Joep. The unbreakable, weatherproof road set that is waytoplay.

Marise Jelles

Consumer Care

Marise, wife of Sybren and co-founder, is handling the webshop and Consumer care, she will answer your questions about waytoplay.

Lex Avis

Sales and Logistics

Lex knows about distribution, logistics and retail sales. He can assists you with purchasing waytoplay for your toy business. Lex speaks Dutch, German and English.

Stephanie Scholte

Marketing and operation

Stephanie is telling the world about waytoplay, from beautiful Paris, she is reaching out to parents and children.


Mirco Leardini

Sales and Logistics

Mirco also knows the route in retail and he will help you with purchasing waytoplay.

Sarah Forster

Brand Ambassador USA

Sarah is our brand satellite in the USA, you can reach out to her with ideas and collabs for the USA.