Multi packs for professionals in education.

Denise (Teacher)

“My pupils are between five and eight years old. At this age, learning the alphabet can often be a repetitive and difficult task. The Waytoplay toy roads allow me to support my groups with a visual element that really encourages interaction and engagement. Starting with a single letter to get to a word, while simultaneously developing their motor skills and organisational skills: thanks to this methodology, I have found a way to get them involved while having fun.”

Sofie (Teacher)

“Play is a basic need for every child. Through play, children learn how to share and develop their fine motor skills and by playing together, they learn how to combine their creativity to imagine the most amazing solutions. Spontaneity, geometry and team spirit – it boosts all the key skills that we promote and that children should develop. It’s very easy to adapt the exercises in line with the child or group’s level of ability. This adaptability allows you to sustain children’s interest in the toy, offers a long lifespan and gives it almost endless possibilities.”