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The favourite toy for car lovers! Create your own small world with the flexible toy road of Waytoplay.

The Flexible Toy Road is endless fun

Kids love to play with cars. It is a fun activity that can engage them for hours. Playing cars extends to all kinds of play: sensory play, learning, pretend play, and outdoor time! 

Open ended



In & Outdoor use



Use indoors and outdoors!

The unique feature about waytoplay's flexible toy roads is they can be used either inside or outside. Playing with cars in the garden or on the beach is even more fun. 

Flexible, waterproof and indestructible

Each road segment bends with your child’s ideas as they come up with new surfaces on which to explore and invent new ways to play.

Our materials are so sturdy that the roads literally last a lifetime and can be passed down to other children. 

For Children Big and Small

The Flexible Toy really grows up with kids. Small kids play with the cars, make the sounds, and develop fine motor skills, while bigger kids go on to create more complex ideas like building cities and construction sites. Waytoplay helps develop problem-solving skills at any age! 

printed on both sides

You can use the front and back

did you know

One road piece is the same length as a spaghetti noodle.

Our roads are Safe & Tested

Unlike many toys, our materials are sourced in Germany and The Netherlands and have passed the most stringent European and Californian tests for children's toys. They are 100%:

✔ BPA Free
✔ Cadmium Free
✔ PAH Free
✔ Lead Free
✔ Phthalates Free
✔ Safe for those with silicon allergies