Cedric Duperray

Customer Care

Responsible for customer Care, Cedric will answer your questions about Waytoplay. 

+31 (0)23 23 40 099

Cedric speaks English and French.

Mirco Leardini

Marketing and Sales

If you have cool ideas, or looking to collaborate?

+31 (0)23 23 40 099

Mirco speaks Dutch, Italian and English.

Silvia Llado

Content Creator & Social Media

Are you an influencer and looking to collaborate?

Silvia speaks Spanish, English, French

Lex Avis

Sales and Logistics

Lex will assist you with purchasing waytoplay for your toy business. 

+31 622224511

Lex speaks Dutch, German and English.

Stephanie Scholte

Operations and Finance

Questions about Finance?
Please contact Stephanie.

+31 (0)23 23 40 099

Stephanie speaks Dutch and English.

Sybren Jelles

CEO and Founder

Do you want to have chat or share ideas? Mail or call Sybren 

+31 629578141

Sybren speaks Dutch, German and English.

N’hésitez pas à nous rendre visite à Haarlem,

Atelier Waytoplay
Lange Herenstraat 32 zwart,
2011 LJ Haarlem,
The Netherlands
+31 (0)23 23 40 099

ou bien contactez-nous si vous avez des questions sur nos produits ou leur revente. Vous pouvez également nous contacter à l’adresse info@waytoplay.toys