Wet track segments? From playing in bath, the pool or outside in the rain? Well done! Just make sure to dry them thoroughly before stacking!

Water play is something that is both a fun and creative way for kids to play year round. On the beach, in the bathtub, at the swimming pool, or just in the backyard soaking up the last days of warmer weather, there are endless ways to use water in open-ended play. One of the design features of the Waytoplay roads is that they love being in the water. Here are some ideas to get on your way with imaginative water play.

Bath Time Fun

One of the easiest ways for your child to get started with water play is to use their roads in the bath! Gather the roads and a few toys (cars, animals, etc.) that can get wet and let the fun begin! Let your child’s imagination run free as they build an imaginary world while you get a few minutes of extra time to relax.

  • Make a game of letting them choose what toys they will bring to the bath with their roads to keep the creativity going
  • Surprise them with shaving cream to use with their roads and cars for a sensory play bath time. 
  • In warmer months, have them take a cold bath with swimsuits and goggles and see if they can make an underwater roadway.
  • Let them take baths as a fun activity in the middle of the day and just let them play!



Swimming Skills Practice

A creative way to use the Waytoplay roads in water is to help children practice putting their heads underwater and holding their breath. The next time you are at a pool, bring along your roads, some goggles, and a few cars, and help your child build a road UNDER the water. Depending on the age and swimming ability of your child will determine how much help they need, but playing under water is such a great way for them to simultaneously get lots of practice with swimming skills they are working on. 

Take Waytoplay on Holiday

Waytoplay roads are ready to travel! Because the roads take up very little space when stored, they make a perfect travel companion and provide an easy open-ended option wherever your holiday takes you. The beach, the river, camping, a hotel pool, or just in a bath at your destination, Waytoplay roads won’t take up much room in your luggage or car, but will transform any space into a creative holiday play adventure.



Water and Windows

Are you someone who likes a creative challenge? Why not try getting your roads wet and making a vertical road on the windows? This is one of our absolute favorite ways to play with our roads, and though you may need to experiment a bit, once you get the hang of it the opportunities are endless! We have built roads on the windows for fun, practiced the alphabet, written names on the windows for birthdays, and just experimented with how big we could make our road and see how long we could get it to stay up (3 days is our record). 

Waytoplay Car Wash

A fun outdoor activity in the garden with water and Waytoplay is to make a car wash! Challenge your child to come up with everyday items that they can use to build their own mini car wash, and provide some shaving cream or other fun child safe materials to help make the washing part realistic. 



Get Messy

Messy play can be one of the most memorable kinds of play, but can also be overwhelming to do regularly if you don’t have a plan. If you would love to have more messy play but find the whole idea a bit daunting, visit our blog about how to take the stress out of messy play, make a plan, and make some mess and some memories with your waytoplay roads! 



What will be your water-filled waytoplay? To see more ideas about how to use your Waytoplay roads in the water, visit our Water Play Pinterest Board!

Enjoy the journey,