Though the holiday season can be so full of joy and celebration, it can also quickly become a time of rushing, constant fast-paced stimulation from screens in every direction, and a whirlwind of social events that leave us drained, over-stimulated, and wishing it were over so we could rest. 
What started as good intentions to do fun things with our kids, have meaningful family time and make memories many times turn into such a circus that at the end of all the "doing" we realize we were together a lot, but didn't actually make any time for just "being" together and the memories that were made were much more about rushing around to check things off our list than actually slowing down to unplug from our phone and all the other distractions to really connect.
What if instead of filling every moment with another seasonal activity just to have something to do, you let go of any preconceived ideas, clear the schedule, and make time for slow, purposeful play and conversation with our kids? What if this next year we gave them less distraction and entertainment and more of ourselves? What if we give them fewer, thoughtful presents and play WITH them? What if the best gift we could ever give them is our time, our love, and our undivided attention to pour into a relationship that will keep giving throughout their lifetime? 
This coming year at waytoplay, we would like to invite you to unplug and connect. Turn off the phone and the endless distractions of the world around you and embrace relationships with each other. Take time to just delight in children and families with no agenda, no care for time or what is going on elsewhere. Just a commitment to unplug from the world and connect to each other.
What if we stop letting life just happen and start living fully and purposefully? We only get so many precious years with our kids before they pass us by. This year at waytoplay, we invite you to stop simply reacting to your life and instead start proactively and purposefully connecting to it. 
Unplug and connect with waytoplay.