Waytoplay toys is the creator of the flexible toy roads,
Dutch design, made in Europe for endless fun.

Imagine Create Play

Kids have brilliant ideas! Waytoplay is an open-ended tool for your child to unleash their imagination and bring those ideas to life. They’ll become explorers and inventors of their own designs as they build the road to lifelong creativity, problem-solving, and connection. Unplug with waytoplay and watch your child take the wheel.

Social Enterprise

Waytoplay is a family-oriented company dedicated to putting the highest level of care into both our products and our relationships with customers and retailers. Our impact socially and environmentally is important to us, and we are committed to providing fair wages, fair margins, and local production. Our roads are made of the highest quality at a state of the art Dutch manufacturer and we have partnered with a sheltered employment provider to give jobs to those with little access to the regular job market. At waytoplay, we are a team that cares.

Imagine Create Play

No Rules, No Wires


Made to last a lifetime.


Play Outside

Play indoors or outside.
Waterproof, flexible, and indestructible, bring waytoplay wherever life takes you and let your imagination lead the way.