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  • the flexible toy road

  • high quality and flexible
  • the flexible toy road

  • Water resistant
  • the flexible toy road

  • Play outside

the flexible toy road

high quality and flexible Go to webshop

the flexible toy road

Water resistant Go to webshop

the flexible toy road

Play outside Go to webshop

High quality and flexible

Unplug and imagine

Dutch Design, German Quality

Waytoplay in action


My son loves them
We’ve had these flexible roads from @waytoplaytoys for a month now and Oliver has played with them every day! He’s taken them outside, in the bath, to the beach 💜

Malia, California

Stories before bedtime
Me and my son have a very special moment together every time we start reading a book and he keeps on asking questions and wants to change the story. I let him use the waytoplay tracks and tell me all about the characters on the tracks: where they are going, No screens, noise and instructions - only imagination and fun! Great job!

Cezar, UK

We bought this set about a year ago. At first my 2 yr old had some trouble with the assembly but now he is 3 and no problems anymore. We also got the parking spaces (with print) and I would highly recommend them as well. 

Karen, NL

Gran juguete
Estamos encantadisimos con las carreteras flexibles, ademas de ser un gran juego son super faciles de montar y muy practicos para poder llevartelas a cualquier lugar, nosotros cada vez que podemos nos las llevamos a la playa, calle, monte... y nunca falla, entretenimiento asegurado :relaxed:️ Gracias por hacer cosas tan chulas.❤️

Erika, Spain

Great toys!
Super fun toys for indoor and outdoor, even in bath!
Very good quality, durable and though.

Muriel, France

Spending the day inside fighting off a cold and waiting for the sun to come back gave me the perfect opportunity to set up today's #invitationtoplay. with waytoplay. Then to sit back with a coffee and watch my son become lost in it all.

Rose UK