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Curves & Crossed Road Parts

Curves & Crossed Road Parts

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With waytoplay roundabout and crossing you can really go either way. The roundabout has two male and two female connectors, so you even can lay-out differently shaped roads. We have now added two different prints on the roundabout for left-hand traffic and right-hand traffic.

The waytoplay curve is printed on both sides with white markings so you can turn both left and right. One side is printed with a continuous line, the other side with a dotted line. The curve measures 45 degrees. This means that you need two pieces for a sharp turn, four pieces create a semicircle and eight parts to make a full circle.

With waytoplay Coupler and Connecting parts you obtain the 'missing link'. This roundabout has opposite female and male connectors to solve your biggest lay-out problems. We have added a connecting piece to convert female in male connections. You order them here as a set to further expand your waytoplay sets.

You order them here per piece! We pack the road parts together in a gift box.