Help me choose my set

Text help me choose my set.  --- The rich creativity and imagination in any child is best stimulated with ‘open ended’ toys. These are toys that have no set goal or target, no concrete problem to be solved or points to be scored, but are simply to be enjoyed by doing, discovering, trying, and playing. By combining similar toys the possibilities become endless. Find some suggestions below.



Reasons your child isn't playing with their toys (and what to do about it)

It’s a very common scene. A child is surrounded by toys, but plays with none of them. Why? Many times they are toys we or loved ones have spent precious money on in hopes that they would inspire our children in their play, only to find that our hopes are dashed when our children don’t play the way we imagined. Here are a few quick questions to ask on a regular basis that may help shed light into a reason that may be making it harder for a child's play to take off

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