Hi There! 

I’m Sarah, the U.S. brand ambassador for Waytoplay. I wanted to pop in here to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me! My work is mostly done behind the scenes so you don’t see my face very much, but I absolutely love getting to connect with so many of you and getting to collaborate to spread the word about the Waytoplay roads around the world. I am an actress/singer/teacher turned stay-at-home mom to two beautiful kids, and am so thankful I get to work with such amazing people on the Waytoplay team. I love seeing how every family plays so uniquely, and am passionate about helping kids learn through imaginative play. I strive to help kids see learning come to life, be that through bringing thoughtful and open-ended toys into our home, using good books as a launching pad for making connections with the world, or just getting messy having wild adventures playing outdoors. I learn new things every day about motherhood, my kids, and myself, and I hope some of the things I post will help encourage your family as you find your own Waytoplay! 

Enjoy the Journey! 


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