Proud of our partner
We are very proud of our Dutch printer ‘Drukkerij Mooi’. As a 100% social enterprise they have exceeded all our expectations over the course of our four year partnership. They have been flexible, have kept up with the high demand for waytoplay sets whilst being innovative and continually improving quality.

Their team has grown from 8 to 40, all of them people coping with a range of disabilities and personal challenges that have kept them from the regular workforce. With an open hiring policy, Mooi is dedicated to offering all their team members the best possible fit, fun in their work and the personal pride of doing valuable work.

Scaling up
Drukkerij Mooi participated in qualitative research by Hogeschool Utrecht, about scaling up social enterprises. The results were presented at the “Grow in impact” day. Owner and social entrepreneur of Mooi, Gerrit van Bunschoten, shared his insights in a practical workshop. As a partner of Mooi I was privileged to offer my experiences working with a social enterprise. It was an inspiring day during which I heard many more success stories and learned ways how to further improve our partnership.

Happy work floor
A perhaps surprising outcome of the research is that social enterprises are 30% more financially successful than comparable ‘normal’ enterprises. Also, employees enjoy their work more than those at ‘regular’ companies. This is a great incentive for us to stick to our chosen path. At waytoplay, we are proud that we took the long way instead of cutting corners by offshoring our production. This way, our global product has a very positive social impact locally. Simply put: it feels great.

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