I always dreamed of being a father and having kids of my own. Growing up, my own parents were not always around as much as I would have liked. While they are wonderful parents, as immigrants in the US, they sacrificed a lot to provide for me and my sister and give us opportunities they didn’t have growing up. They both worked a lot, which set a great example, but meant they were not always present. I was fortunate that my grandfather aka “abuelo” was around to be another male role model in my life.



I’m a father now, of two beautiful kids Blanca and Joaquin, and I’ve prioritized spending time with them – something incredibly fulfilling and fun for me.  It turns out that spending time with them, engaging them in shared interests and playing is also incredibly beneficial to them.
With Red Racer Books, my hope was to create a series of books that give parents something to enjoy with their kids. My books are meant for both moms and dads to enjoy with children of all genders, but I have heard from many customers that it’s given dads a great way to connect with their kids around a shared love of racing and cars that go fast. 


That’s why it made so much sense to partner with Waytoplay Toys for a special Father’s Day collaboration made to spark connection between dads and their kids, educate and engage them in imaginative play, and strengthen bonds.

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While the concept of play is often associated with children, it holds equal importance in the lives of fathers and their little ones. Playtime between fathers and their children not only strengthens the bond between them but also contributes to the child's holistic development. We explored the significance of play with fathers and garnered some valuable insights on the benefits of play. 

Playing with your children is like planting seeds that will continue to grow for decades to come.   Why is playing with your kids so important? 

Building Strong Connections:
Play provides fathers with a unique opportunity to forge deep emotional connections with their children. Engaging in playful activities not only creates moments of joy but also helps fathers understand their children better. Whether it's flipping through the pages of a captivating book, acting out characters, or engaging in interactive games, fathers can use playtime as a platform for open communication, nurturing trust, and strengthening their relationship.

Developing Essential Life Skills:
Play is a powerful vehicle for learning, and fathers play a crucial role in facilitating their child's growth and development. Through play, fathers can encourage creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.    

Fostering Emotional Intelligence:
Playtime allows fathers to teach their children about empathy, emotions, and social interactions. Through role-playing, storytelling, and pretend play, fathers can help their children understand different perspectives and develop emotional intelligence.

Creating Lasting Memories:
The memories formed during playtime with fathers become cherished moments that children carry with them into adulthood!  The power of a shared interest is a great way to create those memories - through a hobby, a sport, or anything you can both enjoy together. Luckily I can share my love of F1 racing with my kids and it’s been great to start a new family tradition and lots of memories together.  This shared interest sparked the idea for Red Racer Books!   

Here are some of our favorite ways to play and spark connection with your child: 

  1. Read together! Reading together is one of our favorite ways (clearly!) of connecting with your child.
  2. Create! Make something together – Build a race track together and race cars, create something with legos, draw and color together.
  3.  Imagine! Imaginative play can be difficult for adults, but it doesn’t need to be elaborate - even something as simple as racing cars around the track (our son loves a good Max/Lewis face-off) can be a great way to bond. 

And don't forget to tune in and watch the F1 Canadian Grand Prix, scheduled for June 18th, 2023, which happens to fall on Father's Day. That's exactly what I'll be doing with my kids and friends during our watch party, and I can't think of a better gift than enjoying an exciting race together with family. From my perspective, shared interests, such as a mutual love for cars or sports, have the power to ignite children's curiosity, strengthen the bond between me and my kids, and establish (Sunday) rituals that evolve into lasting traditions. Playtime with parents is a treasured experience that fosters love, learning, and growth. We’re proud to honor the significance of this bond this Father’s Day through our collaboration with Way To Play. Bringing the love of Formula 1 racing off-track to enhance playtime and foster creativity creates an opportunity to nurture a child’s curiosity and creativity. Cheers to celebrating the power of play and creating beautiful memories this Father’s Day!   

Have a great fathers Day

Andy Amendola


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    About Red Racer Books

    Red Racer Books specializes in creating children's books centered around motorsports and F1 racing. Andy Amendola, the brand's founder, is passionate about introducing young children to the racing world while also exploring related concepts such as science, technology, diversity, and teamwork.   Red Racer Books was founded on the belief that Formula 1 and other motorsports have an unparalleled ability to captivate and engage children, unlike any other sport. Our books provide a unique and exciting way for young readers to discover the wide world of motorsports.   Our flagship book is the ABCs of Racing - My First Guide to Formula 1TM Racing which serves as the perfect introduction to Formula One racing basics and engages kids with bright illustrations of racing fun while learning the alphabet and basic F1 concepts. It’s all you need to be ready to watch your first grand prix.    Our second book is All about Race Cars - A Guide to Formula 1™ Race Cars - an exciting children's book that delves into the world of Formula 1 racing and the incredible technology of the 2022 F1 race cars. With vivid illustrations and photos, readers will discover aerodynamics, engines, tires and brakes, safety features, and fun STEM facts. This 40-page book includes free coloring book printouts, a glossary, and a quiz. Written by Andy Amendola, illustrated by Wei Ren, it's perfect for young racing enthusiasts aged 5-10. Join Red Racer and Roxy the Engineer for an educational and entertaining journey!