After a year and a half of all different kinds of challenges due to COVID 19, it's been a hard season for so many, especially when it comes to travel. For those going on a final holiday before the season changes, open-ended play is a great idea no matter if you are able to travel or plan on sticking closer to home. Waytoplay is a great companion for all types of holiday play. Below are some creative ideas to incorporate with your roads for holiday play now and in the future. 


 Waytoplay "Staycation"


Bring your roads and other outdoor toys to a new park, playground, or nature preserve in your area. One of the neat things about deciding to stay close to home for your holiday is that you get to explore places nearby that you have never visited! There are lots of adventures to be had with a little research and creativity! Make it special by bringing a blanket and picnic for a day of play in new surroundings. 



Get adventurous with food. One of the special things about holiday is that you get to eat different food than at home. Stay in the holiday spirit by eating out more or only getting take-out from places you have never been. Have favorite places you DO want to eat at? Bring your favorite food home and surprise your kids by taking out your waytoplay and building a road right on the kitchen table during dinner! Turn on some fun music and a make a themed dinner “on the road to (exotic location)”. Finish off your themed dinner with a themed movie night or family read-aloud. 


Camp in the garden or living room. Want a full holiday experience right at your own house? Why not set up a tent or sleeping gear right in your own garden or living room? Make the same food you would make camping, tell stories with a flashlight, eat special camping treats, and make some memories with what you have. The key to making it special is going all in for your kids and showing them by example how to have a good time. Put away phones and electronics, turn off all the lights, and try to simulate as much as possible what it would be like to camp! If you want to go all out, incorporate some nature walks during the day, build an outdoor small world with your waytoplay roads in the garden like you would sandcastles on the beach, and make a day of close-to-home memories. 




Waytoplay on the Road


Bring your waytoplay roads on holiday in a hard, water-friendly container for land and sea adventures. Waytoplay is the perfect holiday companion because it is compact to store and loves to play in any location or weather. Just remember to dry your roads completely before storing them again and if possible store them so they remain straight. 



Take your sandcastle building to a new level. Waytoplay will turn a typical sand-building playtime into an epic kingdom building masterpiece. Because waytoplay roads are great in the sand and water, they make a great addition to any beach play. 


Bring Waytoplay on the town. Put Waytoplay in a bag or purse so you have open-ended toys on hand no matter where your holiday adventures take you. This way your children can stay happy while you eat and relax with friends. Make an “out and about” bag with some new or special toys to go with their roads to spark fresh ways to play.  

I hope these ideas help spark some creative ways to use your Waytoplay roads on holiday, and remember that your child's very favorite memories will be anything where you are playing too, so don’t forget to get down in the sand WITH them a few times and make some memories together. Not only will giving them undivided attention encourage them to engage in independent play at times when you want to relax (because you have already filled their "attention" cup), it will speak volumes to them about your priority to include them, enjoy them, and desire to see the world through their eyes with less distraction and more connection. 


Enjoy the Journey!