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Waytoplay drives creativity! Practically indestructible road segments for indoors and out, connect seamlessly for a road trip to remember. Curves, straights and crossroads. Imagine, create and play! Waytoplay the creator of the flexible toys roads.

Flexible Toy Road

Waytoplay is the flexible road made of high grade, child safe PVC. Each double-sided set comes with connecting road segments. Straights, curves, parking bays and crossings! Built to last, waterproof and ready for endless adventure. Play at the beach or in town, the garden, bath, or playroom. Your child is the king of the road when they create their own way to play.

The inventor of the flexible road

From a fun idea and product design in 2003 to a toy design company with worldwide distribution and sales network. Our story in a nutshell.
My name is Sybren, waytoplay’s creator and designer. In 2013 my wife Marise and I embarked on a road trip into the unknown world of toys. Before we knew it, we were in overdrive. Together with Lex and Mirco in Sales and Stephanie, marketing, we are a solid team. Our team mirrors our product: compact, reliable and flexible.

Imagine Create Play

Kids have brilliant ideas and waytoplay is an open-ended tool for your child to unleash the imagination and bring their play to life. They’ll become explorers and inventors of their own designs, as they build the road to lifelong creativity, problem-solving, and connection. Unplug with waytoplay and watch your child take the wheel.

Play with all your toys

Waytoplay incorporates seamlessly with toys of all kinds and provides an open road to imaginative play. When waytoplay teams up with other toys, children build their own creative adventure to a small world, construction site, speedway race or exotic getaway. The versatility of waytoplay provides limitless toy combinations where children bring play to life in any setting and discover new life in old toys.

No Rules/Models (open-ended)

With Waytoplay there are no need for rules or models because it’s all about invention and exploration. If your child can imagine it, they can create it, and where there is creativity there is play. As your child unleashes their imagination and explores their creative potential, their ideas will come to life with the open-ended ingenuity of waytoplay.

Play Everywhere

With waytoplay children play anywhere and anytime, indoors or out. Waterproof, flexible, and durable, bring waytoplay wherever life takes them and their imagination leads the way. In the bath, the garden,the playroom, or on holiday, our roads are ready for travel and open-ended adventures in any location.

No Screens/No Wires

No Screens/No Wires- Waytoplay is committed to providing toys with no wires or screens for 100% unplugged fun! By imagining and creating their own way to play, children build the lifelong skills of inventive problem-solving, resourcefulness, and perseverance in an organic and playful setting. Your child will lead the way to skills that will last a lifetime with waytoplay.

Waytoplay roads are made of high grade, child safe, durable and flexible pvc. BPA, cadmium, PAH and Phthalates free, our road pieces are made in Germany and printed with child safe and long lasting ink in the Netherlands.

Durable and highest quality

Made of the highest quality, waytoplay roads are durable and made to last a lifetime. Our indestructible roads are ready for your child to play hard and can withstand the experimentation and passion that children  bring to open-ended play. Your child is the memory maker as your roads grow with them through each stage of life and serve as a childhood companion through the years.

Compliant with highest Toy Test Norms in Europe, USA, Japan and China. (EN71, Reach and CCC)


Flexible and ready for anything, your child can build with waytoplay on hard floors, up windows and bathtubs, and over hills. Each road segment bends with your child’s ideas as they come up with new surfaces on which to explore and invent new ways to play. Risk-taking and problem-solving skills are built as your child steps out of the box onto an open highway of flexible possibilities.


Waytoplay roads are waterproof and ready for indoor and outdoor water play! Whether it's the beach, the pool, the garden or even the bath, enjoy endless water fun year-round. At bath time, simply stick the road to the side of the tub for use with other bath toys. Waytoplay stimulates the senses, and is great for use with foam, mud, and all kinds of messy play. Wipe down, dry and stack and your road will be ready for the next round of serious water fun.


Each road segment is double-sided with different prints to provide your child with numerous options as their imagination takes off. Road shapes like straights, curves, roundabouts, and parking are all at your child’s disposal for imagining and creating their unique designs. The variety of shapes and prints on each set of waytoplay roads gives your child tools that will curve with their creative potential.

Cardboard road

We live in hard times! More than ever, creativity and playfulness are needed to lift kids spirits. Our flexible toy roads can do the trick. But our regular sets do not match everyone’s budget. So Sybren, our chief inventor, came up with something different and affordable: Road to Recovery. A special, new toy road, made of durable cardboard. Printed with bright emergency lines, symbolising the times ahead. Road to Recovery is a great way for imaginative play. Your children can create roadmaps for their own favourite ambulances and firetrucks and imagine they come to the rescue.
They’re also an awesome canvas for doodles, drawing and paint. Designed for indoor use, whilst fully compatible with our flexible toy roads.