Black FridaySummer ends, pumpkins appear, Halloween has passed, and you have hopefully enjoyed a wonderful evening with family and/or friends for Thanksgiving. What comes next? Black Friday and a little later Cyber Monday. Multiple theories explain where Black Friday originated but we like to think large amounts of traffic on the Friday after thanksgiving in Philadelphia gave this day a name. Toot Toot! But no matter how it started it nowadays represents something completely different and is related to enormous discounts and massive consumption on an international scale. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can make many happy and satisfy long awaited needs, but it unfortunately also goes hand-in-hand with a negative impact as well. Those that have a disadvantage during these days are brands themselves, local shops and on a larger scale, the environment. Read more on why this is the case below.

1 – The true cost
All products have a true cost. The true costs are ALL costs needed to produce a product. The price is a balance between the cost of the product and the price consumers are willing to pay. The higher the production costs, which is especially the case if one produces sustainable, local and social, the lower the margins leaving hardly any room for discounts without hurting the company. Social enterprises set goals to help others and are not driven by profit. It is these socially driven brands that have a disadvantage with large discounts due to the missing revenue that should go to those in need.

2 – Support local shops
Just like social enterprises, local shops are dependent on their clients which is a smaller clientele than most large online retailers have. Local shops don’t have the resources to box up against these giants with their forthcoming advertisements and their huge discounts. A discount can easily take the price below cost price and if they don’t go ahead with the same discounts as the giants, they will lose the sale for sure. It’s tough out there, support those around you.

3 – Buy better, not more
Consumerism has reached a whole new level. More, more, more! And the lower the price, the more you can buy. But it is not the amount that satisfies us but the durability and quality of a product that makes us enjoy what we have bought. So why not buy better and actually enjoy it instead of feeding our consumerism with more products. Quality is key. Things that break within a year, need repairs which can’t be done or can’t be recycled due to a mix of materials end up in massive landfills. And that’s not the worst. In the meantime unsustainable factories are producing two more for each broken item. We can easily help by buying less. Have a think about it…   

Since we are a social enterprise, work with many local shops and believe in durable products we stand by our beliefs to not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Do we need to say more?

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  • Marion dijo:

    Great! Love you for exactly all mentioned above 🖤

    29 novembre 2021

  • Edith dijo:

    I agree! Very very true!

    29 novembre 2021

  • Karin Adams dijo:

    Thankyou for this, very well worded; I run a small business (and stockist of Way to Play). This is exactly how it is 🖤

    29 novembre 2021

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