The conditions families are living in today were unthinkable just months ago. Our kids are ripped away from school, kindergarten and their best play-buddies. More than ever, kids need creativity and playfulness at home. To keep their spirits up and to cope with the situation in a lockdown. 

Waytoplay toys always aims at stimulating fantasy. Our flexible road parts enable building exciting worlds while leaving room for imagination. Especially during this crisis, our regular sets do not fit everyone's budget, we wanted to come up with something new and affordable.

It was an unplanned fortunate coincidence. While cleaning the house, I discovered some old production tools in a box. A the simple plan popped up to make an alternative version with CARDBOARD. The idea sounds easy, but it took our team weeks of hard work to make it happen.

We present Road to Recovery. A road set made from durable CARDBOARD. The recycled cardboard road parts are specially designed for indoor use, they offer an extra benefit: kids can write or doodle on the back. Road to Recovery sets are harder than our regular sets, but the cardboard connects perfectly to our flexible rubber roads. We even include one flexible part to prove it.

The Road to Recovery can help kids through the crisis and dreary days inside. They can play with their favorite toys, like ambulances and fire brigades and imagine they come to the rescue.

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