Ho ho ho! Santa called with some great news. He knows these times can be very stressful for some of us due to all the hassle of finding the best, most beautiful, responsible, AND educational toys for your children. But he has the answer for us! So, no more sleepless nights figuring out what to get. Pick your budget and have your children create their own small worlds with responsible toys for open-ended play. 



Small Budget
 (€ 75,-);
Waytoplay Ringroad
Grimm's wave wooden houses
Waytoplay back and forth car

Medium budget (€ 120,-)
Waytoplay Expressway
Lubulona stacking trees
Grimm's rainbow house
Waytoplay back and forth car 

Large budget
(€ 250,-)
Waytoplay King of the road
Grimms rainbow
Grapat the 12 nins
Lubulona city Mini
Waytoplay back and forth car 


Above you will find a range of new toys that are durable and made responsibly. We unfortunately only offer the back and forth cars, Ringroad, Expressway and King of the roads but fully support all the above inspiring toys to be combined under your Christmas tree.


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