Playing with cars helps kids in their development. We have found this interesting article written by Rachel Trost. Rachel holds a master in occupational therapy and she highly recommends playing with cars :)

Pediatric therapy sessions typically involve a lot of play time! Why? Children learn about their world through play and imitation of adults, and play is much more motivating than sitting at a table completing worksheets. When a child plays with a car, here are a few of the skill areas that are targeted:


Cognition while playing with cars:
  • Experiencing cause and effect relationships, such as when a car drops down a ramp
  • Labeling basic parts of a car
Fine Motor or Hand Skills while playing with cars:
  • Strengthening hand-eye coordination skills and improving hand dexterity while building a toy car. Consider building a visual model for your child to copy
  • Improving hand coordination and hand dexterity while repairing a car using toy tools. Facilitate this by placing your hand on the child’s and physically moving his hands if necessary
  • Practice using both hands simultaneously while turning a steering wheel
Gross Motor or Whole Body Skills while playing with cars:
  • Improving strength and coordination while climbing in and out of child-sized car
Speech and Language while playing with cars:
  • Vocabulary: 
Early Learning Concepts while playing with cars:
  • go/stop
  • fast/slow
  • on/off
  • up/down
  • smooth/bumpy

Have fun playing with cars with your child, and know that they are really learning in the process!

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