Happy Birthday waytoplay
In 2014 we proudly hit start, producing 4000 road segments, after a successful crowdfunding campaign. What followed was an exciting, speedy, intense and sometimes bumpy road. We explored new avenues, uncharted territories and unpaved routes. With only an occasional pit stop to refuel, after which we would speed ever onwards and upwards. We are proud of what we’ve achieved: this year we will produce 1.000.000 road segments!

Fans at the wheel
Just between you and us, we’re not always in the driver’s seat. Our enthusiastic fans from all over the world are always there to steer us in the right direction. We have more than 30.000 followers online, fans who share their road adventures on social media. They take us to new frontiers with their questions and ideas. We are extremely proud that waytoplay has found its way to more than 600 stores, in 40 countries and counting. From the exotic to the coldest climes, we are represented all over the globe.

Our way to play
Our achievements are driven by the effort of an extraordinary group of people and companies. In Breidenbach, Germany, skilled specialists produce our road segments. Truly high tech, because while our product may look simple, producing it is not. The road segments are then printed on two sides by Mooi printers in The Netherlands,  a sheltered employment provider. Most of the packaging is now also done there. This provides jobs for 10 people with little access to regular employment. This makes us happy and proud. It also proves that a product can conquer markets according to ‘our way to play’.

Route 2021
The future is bright and our sights are set on ‘Route 2021’. A challenge that will take us to new, exciting places. We intend to start producing our road segments from bio-based materials. And we have the ambition to go circular, for example by recycling materials.

Our ‘tiny fans’ are our future, our motivation for choosing the sustainable route - something we believe in with all our hearts. As long as kids play on the floor, creating adventures and connections with our road segments, that is ‘our waytoplay’.

Team waytoplay

Marise, Stephanie, Lex en Sybren

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  • Kids Toys Store Online:

    Belated Happy Birthday.

    04 décembre, 2018

  • Randy Kwom:

    Congratulations!! Happy Birthday. I pay homage to the waytoplay team.

    waytoplay’s Dad Sybren Thank you.

    13 novembre, 2018

  • Randy Kwom:

    Congratulations!! Happy Birthday. I pay homage to the play-by-play team.

    waytoplay’s Dad Sybren Thank you.

    13 novembre, 2018

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