Waytoplay found this cool article on an American blog whatdowedoallday.com about simple unplugged learning activities. Inspiration for some unplugged playing with cars! 

1. Ramp it up!
This activity for toy cars is so simple!! Seriously is the cheapest and easiest entertainment for kids! All you do is prop a cookie sheet on a stack of books for an impromptu ramp. Or buy a Wobbel for some permanent ramp-fun and other relaxing open end play.

First roll some blocks down the homemade ramp. Then proceed with your cars!  

2: Shaving cream car wash
Did your know shaving cream makes an excellent foam to wash your toy cars. Make your cars stand in line... and when it is their turn.. foam them in and wash them out.

3: Bubble bath wash
This is the easiest idea, and it keeps my son busy every time I set it up. Simply fill a pan or tray with warm soapy water (bubble bath or dish soap works), add cars and voilà! It also works with toy animals and if you like, add a sponge or scoop to extend the fun.

4: Build your own parking
Keeping your kids busy and out of your hair is often just a matter of presenting them with something they can use for open ended play.

I like to keep sturdy cylindrical containers and tubes that come my way. I taped four together and numbered them. I was thinking it might be good for ball play, but the boys had other ideas. They wanted to use it with their toy vehikels and started using it as a parking garage. Keep some old carton boxes and present your children with a nice example.

5: Drive through some rough terrain
Simple and easy as it may seem, tray of rice /grains/beans and a few cars keeps your 2 year old occupied for quite sometime. Once they get bored with rice or beans, you cab try some serials. But never waste food.. so eat it afterwards!


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