We aim for a positive impact, locally and globally. And we are always looking for ways to reflect positive values in all areas of our business.

Local and Social

We have a proven commitment to fair wages, fair margins and retain 100% control over production - right here in the Netherlands. 

Sheltered Employment

To support our community we have partnered with sheltered employment providers. This provides work to those with little access to the regular job market.

Handwork and personal care

Our headquarters is our ‘atelier’, where we craft our product. All our products are designed, created and checked by human hands. To us, waytoplay is personal.

We are supporters of social impact!

We are very proud of our Dutch printer ‘Drukkerij Mooi’. As a 100% social enterprise they have exceeded all our expectations over the course of our partnership. They have been flexible, have kept up with the high demand for waytoplay sets whilst being innovative and continually improving quality.