Waytoplay & Red Racer

A day for Love an Play

On this day we celebrate the role of fathers in fostering the love of reading and the joy of play. Playtime between fathers and their children has been proven to not only strengthen the bond between them but also contribute to the child's holistic development.

Let's celebrate Father's Day with the ultimate gift of Grand Prix fun from the collaboration between Red Racer Books and Waytoplay Toys.

Building Strong connections

Play provides fathers with a unique opportunity to forge deep emotional connections with their children. Engaging in playful activities not only creates moments of joy but also helps fathers understand their children better. Whether it's flipping through the pages of a captivating book, acting out characters, or engaging in interactive games, fathers can use playtime as a platform for open communication, nurturing trust, and strengthening their relationship.

1. Read

Introduce your little ones to F1 racing with ABCs of Racing: My First Guide to Formula 1 Racing! 

2. Create

Put your new knowledge to the test by creating a race track of your own using the flexible toy track of Waytoplay Toys

3. Race

Replay your favourable F1 race with your With your new knowledge of F1 racing and your track in front of you, sit back and enjoy a real race together.

Check our special Bundles

Bundle 1:

Grand Prix + ABCs of Racing

Rev up your Fathter's Day celebrations with the Grand Prix Bundle! This special collaboration between Waytoplay and Red Racer Books offers a winning combination of reading, creative play and racing fun.

Bundle 2:

Circuit Zandvoort Set + 2x Red Racer books

Rev up your reading with the adrenaline-fueled combo:
CM.com Circuit Zandvoort + 2 Red Racer books! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Formula 1, as you experience the official F1 circuit, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, and dive into the rules of speed and competition within the pages of Red Racer. Fuel your passion for racing and literature in one incredible package!