Dear retailers,

We would love to go on a road trip with you!

We look forward to connect with your shoppers and take the stage!

We offer a very new and original product

  • The flexible toy road is an eye-catching designer toy
  • Dutch Design, made in the Netherlands
  • Easy to sell, people adore it!
  • Responsible, open-ended play, screen-free
  • Revolutionary indoor/outdoor play concept

Our target group

  • Parents looking for unplugged play
  • Montessori style toys
  • Parents/grandparents

Imagine Create Play

Stimulate the senses and creative skills. Waytoplay is a perfect match for all kinds of toys. Simply unplug, imagine, make your own rules and create a world of fun. 

The Flexible Toy Road

Made from the best materials, our flexible roads are fully weatherproof. Play indoors or out and find your own road to adventure! 

Family run, social enterprise

As a family business, we aim for a positive impact, both locally and globally. That’s why waytoplay is made in Europe and finished in a sheltered employment workplace. And, that’s not all. We are always looking for new ways to create positive value for our society, in any way we can. At waytoplay, we care.

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Flexible Toy Roads

Cardboard Toy Roads

Wooden Toy Cars


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Lex Avis

Sales and Logistics

Lex knows about distribution, logistics, and retail sales. He can assist you with purchasing waytoplay for your toy business.

+31 622224511

Mirco Leardini


Mirco also knows the route in retail and he will help you with purchasing waytoplay.

+31 642148279

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