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New Headquarters

We are proud to inform you that we have found a new workplace in the city center of beautiful Haarlem.

A former car repair shop has been transformed into our new ‘headquarters’. A very bright and great place to work. Here we combine the designstudio, office, assembly, picking, packing and distributing waytoplay for their ‘road trip’ all over the world.

We are scaling up! Before all disciplines were spread over our home: during school hours our son’s bedroom was transformed into the design studio, the backyard shed gave room to our webshop and our warehouse was a 40 minute drive from home. Combining all these activities under one roof is paving the way for us to expand and to do things more efficiently. Every day we bike to work with a big smile on our face. Happy campers!

3 Kommentare

  • Mooi nieuws! Groet uit Sydney

    Hans Corsten
  • Gefeliciteerd! Wat goed dat jullie een mooie plek hebben gevonden!

    Karin Wissenburg
  • congrats! great place to work


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