Grand Prix’s are driven as long as men drive race cars! Back then, in the early years of motor racing an extreme dangerous sport that attracted the world's toughest men. Till 1962 when Ewy Rosqvist stept into her Mercedes and took to the start of the Grand Prix of Argentina…, and won! The toughest of challenges where most of the racing drivers did not make it to the finish. She won it with a 3 hours lead to the number two that crossed the line. A power woman that made history BIG TIME!

This weekend the Grand Prix of Shanghai is driven in the F1, unfortunately without female drivers competing. We hope this will change in the near future. Back then Ewy Rosqvist has proven that it is possible to beat the men.

Click here to see Mrs Rosqvist fantastic Race

Back to now, to this weekend Grand Prix we support our Dutch (male) driver Max Verstappen. And if he ends up again on the podium we celebrate with 15% discount on all our sets.

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