When we started this journey we could not foresee all the beauty, fun and enthusiasm we would encounter from our happy customers around the world. Right from the start we connected to the small human beings that played with our toys and made it their own. They have been in the driving seat from day one and we followed their lead. Of course we had to navigate and help them and sometimes had to make a pit stop. But mainly we listened and sometimes asked them questions what they liked to do most. What dreams and fantasies they might have playing with their flexible toy road. Their world is pure and so different from adults.

Two years ago we were contacted by the father of 3 year old Dutch boy Bjorn. He was into racing big time. On his flexible toy road he draw his own race track graphics using crayons. We replied by designing special start and finish road pieces that we gave Bjorn as a present for his great enthusiasm and they were introduced as an extension to our existing sets from then on. An instant hit and best seller next to the parking extension.


That kept Bjorn busy for a while. But we knew that we had to take it further! Real race tracks are totally different to the normal roads. So we decided to develop a total new set dedicated to car racing. And here it is, our brand new Grand Prix
24 race racks. Coloured orange because we are Dutch and we are blessed having a fast and young F1 race driver called Max. We had lots of fun creating and designing this new set. We visited the nearby Circuit Parc Zandvoort many times to see how the real race tracks look like. See, smell and feel the race car scene. I even drove my race bike over it when there was a special day for bicycles to ‘race around’ the track (more like middle aged men in lycra doing 25 km/hour, ahum!). Bike speed allowed me the time to observe all the curbstones and special markings that make race tracks so unique from normal roads. Well, it was an adventure, a pleasure and great fun doing all this. I Feel blessed being the designer, inventor and creator of toys!

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