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Back and Forth cars have arrived

Drive your imagination

Back and Forth - or ‘heen en weer’ as we say in Dutch - is our handsome, quirky, wooden toy car. Can’t tell the front from the back? Just leave it up to a child’s imagination, they’ll find their own way to drive Back and Forth! 

Show on the road

From the very beginning we wanted to showcase our road tracks in combination with cars. Not just any car, but one that kickstarts the imagination like our flexible toy road does. The result: a toy car specially designed by fellow designer Floris Hovers.
Fifty handmade and numbered back and forth cars were introduced as special incentive during our successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2014. A true labour of love* by Marise Jelles, co-founder of waytoplay toys. 

Getting there

For some time, the Back and Forth car is featured on our packaging and people wanted to order the toy car. The journey to get it into production to the standard and method we wanted took us five years. A lot longer than we had imagined. So it is with some pride that we have finally succeeded!

Manual mission

Marise is head of car production, a task she combines with all other daily work. For her, producing the cars is moment of zen. She loves shaping the wood, sanding each car to perfect spec, and then hand painting on 3 layers of paint. This means that every car is unique. Each one is a beautiful object, lovely to hold in the palm of your hand and most of all: great fun to play with.

We feel blessed with this ‘new’ member of the waytoplay family!
And whether Back or forth, the car is here to stay.

You can buy it here

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